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Who would want to drink this water?

Certainly NO ONE! But this might just be the kind of water that is coming from your tap without your knowing.

If you would not want to drink it, why you use it for cooking?

What is the benefit of drinking bottled water if the water you are cooking with is impaired? The water that flows from the faucet in your house, seemingly innocuous, can hide many impurities and could even ENDANGER YOUR HEALTH. There are more cases reported and confirmed of pollution from Microorganisms, Trihalomethanes, Arsenic, hydrocarbons, etc....Every single day.

If there is a possibility of contamination, how long does time pass before you recognize the problem? 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year ?....... The failure to detect the presence of contaminants in your water doesn’t mean to imply that you are receiving good quality water. These contaminants will not be detected until routine checks are carried out and in the meantime you are continuing to consume contaminated water. Furthermore, other contaminants are not even being checked for because D. Decree No. 31/2001 does not cover them. Their presence may remain unknown for years.

Do you prefer to drink bottled water? It is true that bottled water supposedly do not suffer from the contamination problems that are commonly associated with tap water. With a few rare exceptions, the difference of paying for bottle water just doesn’t make sense:

- Does the price makes the difference? Bottled water is almost always obtained from the same water supply, then purified, bottled and sold at a price 1000 times more expensive. In our opinion, the water quality does not justify the difference in price.

- Do pollution and waste make a difference? Italy produces nearly 17 billion bottles for water every year (The US throws away in landfills nearly 22 billion PET bottles a year). Transportation of bottles causes huge amounts of pollution, their disposal is a heavy community expense, the oil used to produce PET bottles in the US and Italy alone could power over 1,500,000 cars for a year.

- Do environmental concerns make a difference? It takes about 700 years for plastic to decompose. Plastic pollution is a worldwide concern (there is a growing “garbage patch” of plastic estimated to be more than the size of Texas floating in the North Pacific Ocean). Ecosystems and wildlife are negatively impacted by plastic debris.

- Does inconvenience makes a difference? It takes up your time, effort and space to purchase the bottles, transport them and store them.

- Does PET Bottle Toxicity make a difference? All water packaged in plastic bottles carry the risk of contamination by phthalates, which are substances plasticizers used to produce the bottles. Phthalates are highly toxic substances with carcinogenic. In high temperatures (summer) and by UV radiation (sunlight), these substances can contaminate the water in the bottles. There are presently little effective controls in this area.

- Does Security makes a difference? Bottle waters are very loosely controlled, so there is little security in knowing exactly how safe the water is you are drinking.

There is a distinct difference between government water standards compliance and good water quality. Even the best water after being disinfected and distributed by existing systems, may still be contaminated and potentially dangerous (one has only look at what happen in the USA State of West Virginia lately), and as we have shown above, bottled water does not present us with a serious solution.

It would be great if you could drink directly from a source of clean pure water. Water without any network distribution and without bottling

With our Purifiers you Can!

You can remove ANY and ALL contaminants from tap water and produce pure water enriched with essential minerals.
Note the degree of fouling between the filers on the left and the unused filers on the right. This was the result with just 6 months of usage with water in compliance with government standards. Contaminated water would have been consumed by the user if they had not been alerted by our instruments.

Our devices are relatively inexpensive, easily installed and simple to maintain. And unlike many water companies, our filter replacements cost only a few dollars


Note: our water purifiers are available in pre-assembled kits with easy instructions, enabling you to obtain EUROPURE high quality units at incredibly low prices.

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