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Technical Details Acquanuova 75/8
Technical Details Acquanuova 300/8

Why take a risk when you want a drink of water? You could have high quality, safe water in your home today.

If you wouldn’t drink your tap water, why cook with it? If drinking and cooking with bottle water doesn’t make financial sense, why buy it? If it is not pure alkaline water, why drink it?
Pure Alkaline Water, is considered one of the BEST WATER IN THE WORLD, and has these characteristics:
- It is energetically active
- It's good for the health of the whole family
- It is far more moisturizing than any normal water
- It is rich in essential minerals and fine alkali ions


The human body, in order to be healthy, needs to establish a pH alkaline balance to counter the increase in acidity caused by modern lifestyle, food and drink consumption. Hyperacidity leads to an accumulation of acid waste in the body, which results in a gradual deterioration of health and quality of life.

By regularly drinking Pure Alkaline Water, it helps keep you safe from water contamination, while also re-establishing optimum physiological pH value, which promotes the disposal of acid waste. Finally, thanks to its antioxidant power, Pure Alkaline Water helps prevent the formation of free radicals that are the cause of many diseases.


Do you really wish to continue drinking and cooking with it?
Europure’s Idromaker is not your average domestic reverse osmosis unit. Idromaker manufactures multifunctional devices which are unique in it’s ability to produce Pure Alkaline Water from any water faucet.
With Europure’s Idromaker you have all these benefits:
- Drink the documented best water available in the world.

- No longer consume energetically ‘dead’ water.

- Save money from not buying bottled water.

- Reduce the aggravation of time-loss, transport and storage by buying bottled water.

- Help reduce waste and lower environmental pollution.

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