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We are engineers, technicians and staff working in the water remediation field since 1982.

What is water treatment?

Water treatment is the technology that makes water acceptable for an end-user, which may be drinking, agriculture, industrial or medical.

Do you need water treatment to improve water quality?

Yes, by adopting the right technological solutions, water treatment is able to provide better quality water than the initial input.

How can water treatment improve tap water?

Water treatment offers numerous solutions. Choosing the right one can give you great home purified water; that is safe, economical and environmentally friendly, available at any time of the day. Household appliances for water treatment are generally called purifiers, filters, water purifiers, purifiers, reverse osmosis etc. The more correct name is water purifier because it enables households to always have drinking water even when the input contaminated.

Sometimes there are reports about purifiers not working, is this true?

Newspaper editorials, ads, TV reports, magazine articles, etc., should always be looked carefully to understand their bias or possible misinformation. The most reliable technology available worldwide, is certainly that of reverse osmosis. It is the only one performing a molecular filtration that separates the water molecule, from any other molecule and especially from any microorganism. A reverse osmosis water filter system, if correctly constructed and installed, will make water that is free of any contamination. The problem lies in the fact that the water produced is practically devoid of minerals, which is almost distilled and therefore not fit for drinking. To raise the mineral content of the water produced, many manufacturers of water purifiers add plain unfiltered water and mix it with the purified water. Devices that use this technique end up providing water which is chemically similar and contaminated as the initial tap water.

Are there any other household appliances besides reverse osmosis systems that can purify water?

It is the water treatment market offers many other devices that claim to give better water, but in general or they are simple filters or experimental technologies that end up unreliable. Basically, to produce a better water necessary to remove anything that might be dangerous, and this is scientifically proven, it can only be done by reverse osmosis.

Are you saying there are no purifiers that work?

All reverse osmosis water purifiers produce purified water. Only some of these systems can re-mineralize the filtered water using a special food grade mineral. Some even let you adjust the quantity of mineral content to suit your taste and needs. The problem for the consumer is that there are thousands of offerings and some do work well, but which ones?
There are also available Ultrafiltration systems using semi-permeable membranes. In some countries, in order to optimize the purification process of a domestic water source from a public water supply, the semi-permeable membranes, unlike reverse osmosis, does not alter the content of minerals in the purified water by removing any organic contaminants. All microorganisms and some dangerous macromolecules are left in the water, making that is unsafe to drink. The water is even permeated with a bad taste and unpleasant odor.
With EUROPURE you have a purifier that will always give you uncontaminated water that is odorless and pleasant tasting.

What is the best way to improve the tap water?

The special Nano filtration alkaline series Idromaker uses the best proven techniques and produces ideal alkaline ionized water.

Is it true that some purifiers and water softeners can be dangerous to your health?

Some domestic water treatment apparatuses, in addition to not carrying out its task of giving better water , can also be harmful and worsen the initial tap water. All devices that add sodium and potassium should be considered potentially dangerous because it could create problems for certain categories of people who cannot tolerate high levels of sodium in the diet. In addition devices that claim to soften water by ion exchange resins are to be considered potentially dangerous as well. There is another category of devices that simply consist of filters, often with activated carbon, designed for the removal of odors and bad flavors from the water. Unfortunately the activated carbon, if not followed up with appropriate devices, has the ability to become an easy growth area for bacteria. All such devices, as a last stage of treatment, should have a UV sterilizer in order to produce microbiologically safe water.

Can you provide treatment for brackish or salt water?

In the case of salt water or if the water is brackish, EUROPURE has technological solutions to produce good drinking water from any water resource including the marina. Well water, lakes, rivers or the sea, are no longer a problem thanks to EUROPURE’s reverse osmosis desalination systems. EUROPURE has a solution for every type of water remediation need, from mini-desalters for home use, to nautical watermakers, to commercial size desalination plants; EUROPURE offers the best quality devices at the lowest price possible.

ECan EUROPURE provide treatment for agricultural irrigation?

Since 1982 agricultural desalination and water remediation has been our core business. Water treatment does not help much for agricultural irrigation. Our strength is in with our exclusive systems designed for agriculture desalination. These special EUROPURE systems allow production, from any water resource, excellent irrigation water. We can meet the needs of any farm beset by problems of groundwater salinization and protect soil from the risk of desertification, aridity and drought. The Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalters are specifically designed for the agricultural sector and are better than any other product available today. These systems are designed for adaptation, premium performance, cost effective, ease of use, durability and reliability.

But don’t these desalination plants demand too much energy to be used efficiently with agriculture?

This is true for all other desalination plants presently available today. This is NOT true for the Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalters. In the case of brackish water with a TDS of 5000 ppm, the Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalter consumes less than 1.5 kWh per cubic meter of water produced, which is about half the energy consumption of other desalination systems.

Are these complicated technological systems difficult to manage for a farmer?

This is also true for all other desalination plants presently on the market today. The Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalter is designed to allow a very simple and intuitive management, while offering maximum reliability and ease of use.

It is true that they are very expensive machines and in particular that the Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalter cost much more than other systems?

The Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalter is the only system on the market today that was designed specifically for agricultural. There are no others; and they cost much less than any comparable system. If another system is constructed with a smaller number of components or from smaller components or of less quality, it is obvious that it would cost less.
Each Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalter, unlike competitors, is designed and perfectly adapted to the specific evolving needs of our customer.
Why are there desalination plants and water-makers on the market that cost less yours?
To offer a less expensive desalter, the trick is to leave out the FIRST SECTION OF FILTRATION . This section is always recommended for the proper and sustainable operation of a desalination plant . Without it the desalter will suffer a loss of function and which in a short time will eventually stop production of desalinated water . Another way to reduce costs is to undersize the osmosis section by installing lower quality membranes and even attaching underpowered pumps . You can also reduce costs by reducing the instrumentation or automation etc.
EUROPURE does not follow this philosophy. Our customer has a right to a durable, effiicient system.

How long does an Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalter last ?

We are still waiting to find out. The first Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalter was built in 1998 and is still working perfectly. There are many other EUROPURE systems that have been working efficiently for over 10 years.

Are your systems designed only for farmers and household usage?

Obviously, all household appliances are designed for families and the Ingiaimo Agriculture Desalter for farmers. But if you take the time to peruse our product catalog, you will see a huge range of units and modules offered for various needs. EUROPURE offers water desalination systems for industrial water installations, municipalities, the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) Industry and any other service/business that needs water remediation solutions.

So yours is a very large market?

Alongside food production, the market for water treatment is certainly one of the most necessary in the world. For this reason it has been called the industry of the future.

Is becoming a EUROPURE associate partner a true opportunity?

Unequivocally yes! We are looking for associates to partner with us and help grow worldwide awareness of our unique systems. Anyone who has an interest in learning more should contact the relevant department at the following email address:

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