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Much of water used for Irrigation today
is causing on average a 50% loss in production capability
and the continuing usage of this water exponentially lowers the health of the soil. 




Ever-widening areas of Sardinia, Apulia, Calabria, Sicily, must deal with hyper salinity in the subsoil, and with water almost always salted or contaminated with other substances that are inadvisable to be used in agriculture.

Inevitably farmers must use the water available to them, often oblivious to the deleterious effects to crops and the soil. dix

The enormous problems faced by the farmers of Southern Sicily are the reason why Europure began in 1982. Out of this effort to solve these desperate salinity problems, many studies, experiments and modifications, went into the design of Ingiaimo Engineered Water Remediation Systems. We now can offer systems that perfectly combine the development of advanced technologies with the specific needs the agricultural world.

We are proud to say that thanks to our Water Remediation Systems, increasing number of farms today have resolved the problem of inadequate availability of quality water for irrigation.

Ingiaimo Engineered Systems guarantee the farmer excellence in the conduct and ease of operation of our EUROPURE equipment. We also provide a valuable service by the repair and updating non EUROPURE installed systems to our standards of quality and reliability. EUROPURE is proud to have maintained an excellent record of completely satisfying the needs of all our customers. dix1
EUROPURE Water Remediation Systems are all unique, individually designed to solve our customers’ water problems with maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.

Note: our Water Remediation Units are available in pre-assembled kits with easy instructions, enabling you to obtain EUROPURE high quality units at incredibly low prices. See the table below, which refers to our 10m³/h water remediation system.



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