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About Us

EUROPURE was created as an entrepreneurial project in 1982 to address serious water problems in Southern Sicily. This area was decimated by long-term drought, salinization of soil and groundwater, virtually on the brink of desertification.

Today’s EUROPURE offers its customers and associates tailor-made solutions to any water problem. Backed by thirty years of on-the-job experience by a highly skilled group of technicians we are able to perform thorough preliminary analysis and then provide solutions to all water remediation problems.

In various areas of the world, drought frequently causes serious salinization problems. Agricultural activity compounds the problem, when farmers are forced to use heavily salinized water for crop irrigation. This has the consequent of further increasing the salt content in the water. It was to break this vicious cycle that in the 90s EUROPURE began to research the "Desalination Farm" which gave life to the AGRICULTURAL DESALINATION. Presently there are dozens of farms with solutions to excessive irrigation water salinity. However, treatment of irrigation water needs more than desalination remediation. AGRICULTURAL SOLUTIONS now extend to pH adjustment and removal of specific substances harmful to agriculture such as Iron, Nitrate, Sodium and arsenic.

Whatever the problems you may have with agricultural water quality, EUROPURE will always have the most effective and economical solutions.
At the same time, EUROPURE began to focus on other problems of water quality. We engineered solutions for domestic and industrial water purification, by providing the most economic, efficient and reliable, water purifiers, softeners and other modules available on the market today. We have also designed onboard saltwater desalination plants modules for removal of arsenic from drinking water, portable pallet and containerized units for emergency drinking water production, and industrial plants to purify waste water for agriculture usage.

30 years of experience, enables EUROPURE customer assurance in the conduct and operation of our engineered water remediation facilities. EUROPURE also provides a valuable service by service and updating non EUROPURE installed systems to their own standards of quality and reliability. EUROPURE is proud to have maintained an excellent record of completely satisfying the needs of all our customers.

EUROPURE is able to provide spare parts and ingredients for all water remediation systems and appliances. We are also able to offer a full range of chemicals used for operating and/or maintenance of water remediation modules.

Since 2012 EUROPURE is spreading internationally some projects to expand its market in the worldwide scenario in field of water treatment and, at meantime, to activate and accelerating the internationalization of EUROPURE.

"The water treatment is the only way to ensure a self-sufficient supply of water. For this reason, EUROPURE offers for free expertise to any people interested in manufacture within their local market and at CHEAP PRICES, the special Agricultural Desalinators, Home Water Purifiers and other water remediation equipment for any uses. In such way, everybody will be capable to produce such goods everywhere with improvement in quality of life for a wide range of people and will establish an interesting business."

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