The Crowdfunding

For the realization of this project we have chosen the Crowdfunding tool because the great innovative strength that this represents combines very well with the innovative aspect of the project itself. But Crowdfunding not only represents innovation, it is innovation itself, that is to say that it is the tool that can make things change and overcome the "status quo". Crowdfunding can make resources more democratic and give the opportunity to be financed for projects that would never have overcome the barriers of the various monopolies and the inefficiency of the "status quo".

In the age of sharing, therefore, to implement the AQUANet Project we have decided to use an innovative tool like Crowdfunding whose extraordinary effectiveness depends on the ability to be able to communicate and excite people so that they share their values and choices and decide to support the Project. Crowdfunding is therefore a tool in the hands of people that represents an element of discontinuity with the present. Consequently Crowdfunding is a tool of the present but strongly projected towards the future.

Our choice of Crowdfunding therefore, in addition to the possibility of realizing our Project, is also due to the fact that we would like to give many people the chance to also savor the taste of Success. Give them the opportunity to participate in a great initiative to be proud of. Share with them the joy of having achieved together an extraordinary result that can change many things in the world and be happy together.

But basically, we chose the Crowdfunding tool because to realize this Project "we need you". Because the great Solidarity that will manifest itself through you will become a great explosion to support a truly unique Project. We chose Crowdfunding because we believe that it is still possible to help others and at the same time be happy to have created such an important Project with such a marked social value.

The particular form of Crowdfunding that we have chosen involves conducting a "Founders Campaign" during which each Supporter will freely decide to Support the Project by becoming a Founder and if it wishes, it can also become the Owner of a Point of Sale or of an entire Network National, participating in this way in a truly great business without getting into debt.

To do this, first of all you have to choose the amount of your contribution based on the Rewards provided for the various amounts So just order (book) a Purchase Voucher for the amount you have chosen. You can do it by email to So you'll decide the size of your contribution. Also depending on the different rewards provided.

In fact, the chosen form of Crowdfunding falls within the "Reward based" type, for this reason, for each contribution, Supporters are recognized, a Reward Package which is able to offer each of the Supporters tangible signs of eternal and timeless gratitude of the World and of the Promoters. At the same time they help the same supporters, to realize even their dreams and their projects in the certainty of always belonging to a community to which they can always refer.In achieving this admirable result, the collaboration of all will be very important, also yours because a successful result is shared with everyone and offers its benefits to all those who participated. No one excluded.

Realizing this Project, together we will write a great story: we are all in the same boat and on this boat there is not and there will be no space either for speculation or for falsehood. For this reason the realization of the AQUANet Project will be a great success.

The Project

The project here described essentially appears as the consolidation, expansion and diversification of the activities of EUROPURE, a sole proprietorship that since 2005 has been operating in the water treatment sector as a "liquid" company since, as it does not have its own structures or organization, so far it has had to outsource all functions with heavy losses in efficiency and performance. The registered office of EUROPURE is in Licata, therefore we have chosen the city of Licata as the first location of the Project.

With this project, therefore, first of all we want to give a company headquarters to EUROPURE where it can better manage and monitor all its activities. Furthermore, with the realization of the Project, the central shop of the AQUANet Network can also be realized, which by type will be a cross between the traditional and self-service shops described below.

Inside the central store, both the activity currently carried out by the EUROPURE company and a new business will be carried out which, although still in the water treatment sector, constitutes a diversification of the activity currently carried out by EUROPURE.

On the basis of these premises, therefore, we better define the activity of the central store to be opened in Licata:

° Production and sale of:

° Sale of household appliances for the improvement of network water (EUROPURE)

° Sale of materials and spare parts for water treatment (EUROPURE)

° Rental of equipment for sanitizing and deodorizing rooms (ex novo)

Re-investing part of the revenues from this activity, within one year of opening the central store, the first self-service shop will be opened (still in Licata, but in another room), which will carry out automatically and without personnel, which commercial functions will be very similar to those of the central store. The purpose of these multiple openings will be to create a network of shops for Water, for Ecology and for Wellness. For more precision it must be said that the AQUANet Network will consist of four types of different stores:

1- traditional store

2- self service store

3- external facility

4- virtual store

The Project, after the opening of the first two stores therefore, will continue its development in a Network logic with the opening (or installation) of new Points of Sale, giving life to the AQUANet Network, or more simply to the "Network of Water".

This network will initially consist only of "direct" stores or stores opened and managed directly by EUROPURE. From the 2nd year on, however, it will also be possible for other Economic Operators to open the first Franchising stores. These shops can be either traditional, self-service or external systems according to the business model described below.

The stores that will be opened directly by EUROPURE, on the other hand, will be mainly self-service shops apart from the central store. Only after the 5th year will EUROPURE begin to install even the first external systems.

The operational start of the "AQUANet" network therefore inevitably passes through the opening of the central store and the following year of the first self-service shop, both in Licata. This in order to optimize all the parameters and improve the sales strategies to be applied in the subsequent openings of the new stores also in Franchising.

The realization of the headquarters and the central store will be financed with the proceeds of a "Founders Campaign" for the Crowdfunding fundraising that will be launched with the launch of the Project, while the self-service pilot shop will be opened reinvesting part of the proceeds of the same activity. Business development will continue in the following years with the opening of additional self-service shops.

The characteristics of the 4 types of sales points that will form the AQUANet Network are better specified as follows:

Name of Store





Tipology of store

Traditional Store

Self service Store

External facility

Virtual Store

Availability of Personnel in Store

YES during the ordinary opening hours




Production/sale of “Drinkable water of the day” flat and at room temperature

YES on bulk

YES on bulk

YES on bulk


Production/sale of “Drinkable water of the day” flat and chilled

YES on bulk

YES on bulk



Production/sale of “Drinkable water of the day” sparling

YES on bulk

YES on bulk



Production/sale of “Drinkable water of the day” with level of mineral adjustable

YES on bulk

YES on bulk



Production/sale of “Drinkable water of the day” ionized, flat and at room temperature

YES on bulk

YES on bulk



Production/sale of “Pure ice in cubes”





Production/Sale of technical water purified for aquariology

YES on bulk

YES on bulk



Production/Sale of Softened water for technical uses

YES on bulk

YES on bulk



Production/Sale of Demineralized water for technical-scientific uses

YES on bulk

YES on bulk



Sale of devices and facilities for water treatment

YES in Traditional Stores and online from PC installed in the Self service stores

YES online from PC installed in the Self service stores


YES online from PC installed in the Self service stores

Rental of devices and facilities for water treatment

YES in Traditional Stores and online from PC installed in the Self service stores

YES online from PC installed in the Self service stores


YES ionline from PC installed in the Self service stores

Sale of spare parts and consumables for wate treatment

YES in Traditional Stores and online from PC installed in the Self service stores

YES online from PC installed in the Self service stores


YES ionline from PC installed in the Self service stores

Disinfection service for objects and rooms

YES at home




Accepted paiments

Cash, AQUACard

Cash, AQUA Card



Recharging AQUA Card

YES in the Traditional Stores by Personnel and in Self service Stores by automatic coin acceptor

YES in Self service Stores by automatic coin acceptor



H24 Service





Tab. 1:- the characteristcs of the various AQUANet stores

The model of business

EUROPURE has prepared this Project because it wants to consolidate itself through the continuation and expansion of the activity that it already carries out since 2005 diversifying it according to what is described here. For this reason, first of all, it plans to build the corporate headquarters and the central store in Licata. This store will also have a virtual extension with AQUAe-Shop which is EUROPURE's virtual store.

Within one year of the first opening, the first self-service store (pilot shop) will also be opened in Licata.

With this Project, therefore, first of all we want to consolidate and develop the presence in EUROPA of EUROPURE's "sales, maintenance and management of plants and components for water treatment" activities that EUROPURE has been carrying out for many years. Furthermore, in order to strengthen the Company's market orientation, the aforementioned activity aims to support and develop a new branch relating to the creation of a Retail Network where it can produce and sell "daily drinking water" on tap (high quality purified drinking water), pure ice cubes and many other high quality and extremely competitive products.

The various Network Sales Points will be opened gradually according to a specific Business Model that we omit from describing here for reasons of industrial confidentiality.

The AQUANet Network

Following the aforesaid business model, a certain number of Shops will be opened and a certain number of External Facilities installed. All points of sale will be interconnected and will be managed in a network logic.

After the start up, the Network is expected to continue its development with the opening of new self-service shops in subsequent years within a radius of 50 km from the central store, according to our Business Model.
Furthermore, from the second year onwards, other Operators will be allowed to pay new entry fees, to open new Franchising points of sale, which may be traditional, self-service or external, provided they comply with the aforesaid Business Model. .

The traditional shops of the AQUANet Network will sell AQUANet products but also the sale of appliances, systems, materials and spare parts for water treatment, in the wake of the activity already carried out by EUROPURE. This sale will also be made online in other self-service shops, both direct and in Franchising. This will be done through PC workstations installed in the stores from which it will be possible to browse only the AQUA e-Shop virtual store.

All sales made by the AQUANet Network stores will arrive and be processed by the EUROPURE offices which will also coordinate the maintenance management and quality control at the various Points of Sale.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

In the past years, the dynamics of the activity of EUROPURE did not allow to face investments aimed at expansion. The realization of this Project therefore inevitably has to go through an initiative for the collection of the necessary funds. For this reason, the "Founders Campaign" will start on 1 November 2019 to collect the funds necessary for the realization of the Project in Crowdfunding. In total the Campaign will be divided into 4 consecutive Quarterly Rounds and will therefore have a total duration of 12 months. It will therefore end on October 31st 2020, subject to unforeseen circumstances.

The Project described here therefore, for a whole year will be subjected to the validation of our Community that can freely decide whether to support it with its own contribution (its own purchase). During the year in which the "Founders Campaign" took place, above all, everyone can take advantage of special facilitated conditions to buy from EUROPURE (as of now) or from AQUANet stores (as soon as they are opened). In fact, within this period it will be possible to purchase AQUANet products of your choice or EUROPURE products of your choice, on favorable terms that will never be repeated.

For this reason, those who want can take advantage of these special conditions by making an excellent purchase that at the same time will also be considered a contribution for the Founders Campaign. In this line you will choose the amount of your contribution from the list of rewards and will be able to book (order) a purchase voucher of the same amount.

The booking voucher will be booked by email to:

As soon as EUROPURE receives the request, it will immediately send the voucher file and the data to make the payment of the chosen amount. This will validate the Buono itself.

Given the extremely simple ways to contribute to the realization of the AQUANet Project, it is very likely that the Campaign easily achieves its objective.

The AQUANet Project, in fact, can be implemented following this program, only if by the deadline of October 31st 2020, the "Founders Campaign" will reach a total collection of € 600,000. In this way the necessary funds will be collected to support ALL the investments of the first year.

If, on the other hand, the Founders Campaign will only partially achieve its objective, the Project will be implemented in a reduced or incomplete manner, depending on the sum that can be collected provided that each Round reaches a collection of more than € 50,000.
If all 4 Rounds exceed the goal of € 50,000 or if in any case, at the end of the 4 Rounds the Campaign will have reached a total collection of more than € 200,000, at the end of the 4th Round the realization of the Project will start depending on the amount returned available from collection.

The investments to be made are specified below and refer to the hypothesis of complete realization of the Project.

The analysis of the specially prepared income statement shows that in the first year, the total amount of investments will be € 374,936.00 plus VAT. The main investment items are:

The installation costs also include the costs for transporting the furniture and machinery of the first store, which in this case are not to be purchased because they are already existing and available.

The arrangement and republication of the EUROPURE virtual store will soon allow all the supporters who wish to spend the purchase vouchers in their possession even when the first physical store has not yet been opened.

The Amount

Whatever the objective reached by the Founders Campaign, so long as it is more than € 200,000 in total, the amounts collected will be used anyway to carry out the AQUANet Project in full or partial version. In particular, reaching the overall goal of € 600,000 at the end of the campaign, all the investments necessary for the creation and start-up of the AQUANet Network can start, according to the program here reported that is expected to be completed within a year. However, it may be possible that, for purely technical reasons, some parts of the Project cannot be completed within the first year. This will not entail any additional charges for the Project which will simply be completed within the following year.
But, as we have already said, even if the campaign does not achieve its objective, the Europure implementation project will be carried out ANYWHERE although within the limits of the capital that will be made available. It should be noted, however, that extensive information will be provided on the use of funds. On the official page of the Facebook "AQUANet Project" in fact, continuous updates on the progress of the Project will be published while on the specific page of the website a detailed report on the use of the collected capital will always be available.

The "Founder Campaign" which will be launched in particular, will have a duration of 12 months. To make it easier to achieve the goals, however, we decided to “break them down into 4 Quarterly Rounds during each of which we expect to reach an average of 250 to 750 supporters, each of which will give an average contribution of € 200 to the realization of the Project, 00 including VAT. Nevertheless we are sure to be able to collect over € 150,000 including VAT each quarterly Round. Overall, therefore, it is conceivable that at the end of the "Founders Campaign" a collection of over € 600,000 including VAT could be achieved. Unless unforeseen, the Campaign will end on October 30th 2020.

Collection Procedure

Anyone who wants to help us realize the AQUANet Project can pay a contribution of their own choice ranging from € 1 up to over € 1500, choosing from the List of Rewards those of greatest interest to receive them ( ricompense.php). To support the implementation of the Project, just follow these simple instructions:

Once the amount of the contribution has been chosen, it is sufficient to request (book) a Purchase Voucher of the same amount to: also communicating the tax data for billing. As soon as EUROPURE receives the request, it will send with the same means, the file to be printed of the booked Purchase Voucher and the details to make the payment. The Supporter at that point will have 24 hours to validate the Voucher with the payment of the chosen amount. Failure to pay the Purchase Voucher within 24 hours will result in the irrevocable cancellation of the same Voucher.

Once the payment has been made, the supporter will receive a regular invoice from EUROPURE for the full amount paid for the VAT calculation. The application of VAT to Purchase Vouchers is sanctioned by Legislative Decree n. 141 of 29 November 2018, implementing directive n. 2016/1065 / EU.

For the special Crowdfunding method adopted, it is envisaged that for contributions paid, the Supporters will receive the selected rewards both material and immaterial.

The rewards are gifts, awards, a way to remember and strongly recognize that that particular person took part in the realization of the AQUANet Project, giving financial help.

For the AQUANet Project, we have identified two categories of rewards:
the rewards to be delivered immediately the rewards to be delivered at the end of the campaign

ATTENTION: A Purchase Voucher can be requested for an amount ranging from € 1 to over € 1500. This means that ANYONE can support the AQUANet Project by purchasing a voucher of any amount and have the maximum in return. Just scroll carefully through the List of Rewards to understand how advantageous and convenient it is to participate in the realization of the Project with your own contribution.

Duration deadline: 30.10.2020

Method of collection: take it all

Payment methods: Paypal or Bank transfer

Rewards list

The Rewards for the contribution at this Project, are organized in “pack” so structured:

Supporter Pack

for those who want to contribute to the change of reality, through the power of Shared Knowledge and Solidarity and want to support this Project by buying a Purchase Voucher worth € 1 up to € 99. The Supporter Pack contains:

Rewards that will be delivered IMMEDIATELY

Consigned at the end of 4° Round achieving the total goal of 600.000 €

Available per Round: 300 pcs.

Social Pack

for those who have understood that the great potential of the AQUANet Project can be realized only when the entire Project is realized, for this reason it has decided to support its realization by buying a Purchase Voucher for an amount ranging from € 100 to € 299. To exploit the great potential of the Project, he also decided to become the Owner and install a new External Sales Point in Italy or abroad according to the Project Business Model. The Social Pack contains:

Rewards that will be delivered IMMEDIATELY

Rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign,
to achievement of the overall goal of 600.000 €

Available per Round: 200 pcs.

Professional Pack

for those who have understood that the great potential of the AQUANet Project can be realized only by carrying out the entire Project, for this reason it has decided to support its realization by buying a Purchase Voucher for an amount ranging from € 300 to € 699. To take advantage of the great potential of the Project, he also decided to install a new Self Service Shop in Italy or abroad according to the Project Business Model. The Professional Pack contains:

Rewards that will be delivered IMMEDIATELY

Rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign,
to achievement of the overall goal of 600.000 €

Available per Round: 100 pcs.

Super Pack

for those who have understood that the great potential of the AQUANet Project can be realized only by carrying out the entire Project, for this reason it has decided to support its realization by purchasing a Purchase Voucher for an amount ranging from € 700 to € 999. To take advantage of the great potential of the Project, he also decided to install a new Traditional Shop in Italy or abroad according to the Project Business Model. The Super Pack contains:

Rewards that will be delivered IMMEDIATELY

Rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign,
to achievement of the overall goal of 600.000 €

Available per Round: 100 pcs.

President Pack

for those who have understood that the great potential of the AQUANet Project can only be realized by realizing the entire Project. To take advantage of the great potential of the Project, it has also decided to open one or more new National Networks Abroad according to the Project Business Model. For this reason he will buy a € 1500 purchase voucher for each country of his interest. The President Pack contains:

Rewards that will be delivered IMMEDIATELY

Rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign,
to achievement of the overall goal of 600.000 €

Available per Round: 50 pcs.

List of additional rewards

for all Junior Ambassador

Additional rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign
regardless of the achieved objective:

Rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign if the overall goal of € 600,000 is reached

List of additional rewards

for all Senior Ambassador

Additional rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign regardless of the achieved objective:

Rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign if the overall goal of € 600,000 is reached

List of additional rewards

for all Top Ambassador

Additional rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign regardless of the achieved objective:

Rewards that will be delivered at the end of the campaign if the overall goal of € 600,000 is reached


The Vouchers will be delivered in advance of payment, while the Discount Cards will be delivered after receipt of payment by Europure.

Both the Purchase Vouchers and the Discount Cards can be used to purchase AQUANet or EUROPURE products of your choice except for the chemicals.


During the fundraising campaign, great importance will be given to the area of origin of the various contributions, preferring that these arrive mainly from the areas that time by time, will be involved into opening of AQUANet. This will favor the formation of a basin of Users for each Point of Sale which will be opened.

For this reason, during the quarterly rounds, mainly will be invited to contribute, people residing in the area where will be opened AQUANet. In the same area, furthermore, free participation in the Referral program will be requested in order to reach the overall final goal within the area of greatest interest. From outside the area of greatest interest, therefore, will be accepted all requests for purchase Vouchers but they will have to be more than the minimal amount of 99 €.

On basis of Business Model of AQUANet, in fact, it is planed to develop initially, a specific area of great interest. It is an area of the extreme south of Italy and it is known as an area constantly in a water crisis. Therefore, during the 4 rounds in which the Crowdfunding campaign will be organized, you will be asked to order a Voucher mainly to the inhabitants of the centers where one or more shops of the AQUANet Network will be opened before the others. In detail, these centers are:

Licata people: 37.000

Canicattì people: 36.000

Agrigento people: 60.000

Gela people: 75.000

Palma di people: 23.000

Ravanusa people: 12.000

Campobello di Licata people: 10.000

Favara people: 32.000

Naro/Camastra people: 10.000

In these centers, the total number of people is 290,000. Therefore, based on this selection, the Crowdfunding campaign will start from these centers. However, it is not expected that all people will understand the validity of supporting the Project, so not all will decide to contribute. In fact, it is expected to receive support only from a part of the residents. From that part more sensitive to the water and environmental issue. The minimum limit of the contribution you can pay will be € 1 while the maximum there is not but it is more than 1500 €

The request for Vouchers to contribute to the realization of the Project can be sent from anywhere in the world. However, from outside this area, requests will have a minimal amount of € 100 to be accepted.


Supporting the AQUANet project is CONVENIENT !! Furthermore, supporting the AQUANet project IS GOOD for the communities, for local economy and is also good for the Environment. This project therefore not only generates advantages for individuals but its realization is very useful also at social level.

This is what clearly result from a careful evaluation of the costs related to the CERTAIN benefits that the Project generates. In fact, it does not produce positive effects only for the individual Supporters because the positive effects of the Project involve a much wider circle of people. And these end up involving even entire local communities that in various capacities will be affected by the opening and development of the AQUANet Network.

This clearly emerges from a careful evaluation of the costs related to the CERTAIN benefits that the Project generates. In fact, it does not produce positive effects only for the individual Supporter because the positive effects of the Project concern a much wider circle of people. And these involve even entire local communities that hpwevr will be interested in the opening and development of the AQUANet.

It is therefore very important to ensure that an AQUANet point of sale will be opened also within your municipality because this will bring well-being to the Community. The local people will certainly improve their quality of life and in general, they will realize important economies.

In every inhabited center where an AQUANet point of sale will be opened, AT ANYTIME will be available water of excellent quality for drinking, cooking and for various other technical and technical-scientific uses. Pure ice will also be available in cubes and many other products always related to water quality.

The very high quality of the products but especially of the various types of water made available both by the AQUANet Shops and External Faciities, will represent a valid and finally exhaustive answer to the repeated and continuous water crises that in anytime have affected many territories, as well as to the repeated demand of safety and health on the part of the populations very often so far, remained unsatisfied.

Now, thanks to AQUANet, in all the cities where points of sale will be opened, both in Italy and abroad, various quality products will always be available and a SAFE and RELIABLE source of excellent water for various uses. The locals will therefore be satisfied with regard to the safety and health of the water consumed without having to bear the cost (even considerable) of buying bottled water.

Hence the second effect generated by the opening of Network Sales Points: a positive impact on the economic condition of the families concerned. In fact, the failure to purchase bottled water means that families and therefore the entire population in general achieve considerable financial savings. The lack of this disbursement for a substantial part of the population over time, has an impact on an improvement in the general economic condition of the whole area.

But it is not over yet because everywhere in the world, the opening of one or more AQUANet point of sale will also have also a positive impact on the environment. We all know the gravity of the pollution caused by microplastics. It is a very serious phenomenon that is compromising the health of many ecosystems such as the oceans. The solution, inevitably, have to pass through a significant reduction in the quantity of plastic waste released into the environment jointly with a collection of plastic already dispersed in the environment. The consumption of water and beverages bottled in plastic bottles, contributes significantly to aggravate the problem due to the empty bottles for whose production every year, only in Italy is released about 1 million tons of CO2 in the atmosphere and consumed about 450,000 tons of oil.

Consuming water "on bulk" for which no new empty plastic bottles are released means not releasing new plastic into the environment and this is certainly a virtuous practice that will have a great positive impact on the health of the entire planet.

Not consuming bottled water also means contributing to the reduction of other forms of pollution including that due to the transport of the same. Over 85% of bottled water is transported on rubber. Therefore, a reduction in the consumption of bottled water will inevitably correspond to a reduction in air pollution due to transport.

It therefore seems quite reasonable that even in the Municipality, in the City or in the Village in which you live, you do everything possible to ensure that there will be opened one or more AQUANet points of sales.

The changing, the solution of many problems and the safety of many people now DEPENDS ON YOU !! We are doing all we can to carry out our Project, but this will be possible ONLY IF WE WILL HAVE ALSO YOUR SUPPORT, otherwise the Point of Sale that we had planned to open in your Municipality, will be openened elsewhere. The benefits of such opening therefore, will fall on a different Zone instead of your own.


The project is in the field of water purification and aims to provide 360 ° answers to the economic, health and environmental protection questions generated by water consumption. The growing demand for quality drinking water which generates an ever-increasing consumption of bottled water in fact ends up by creating first of all an economic problem due to the cost of the water bottle itself, but also of the costs it generates. The large amount of empty plastic bottles, in fact, in addition to representing a considerable cost for the community, is always a huge problem of environmental impact which is difficult to solve and which causes serious damage to the environment.

With this project, the proposer first of all wants to offer a valid alternative to the consumption of bottled water, offering to customers the possibility of buying treated and refined water at a quality level that it would not be able to find on the market, choosing among 10 different types of drinking water on bulk in addition to other products based on purified water. Moreover, with this initiative the proposer aims to spread the culture for a rational and conscious consumption of the available water resources, favoring the improvement of the quality of life in population often afflicted by long periods of drought and in any case constantly looking for good sources of supply economically sustainable qualities.

Innovative feature is given by the possibility to choose between 10 different types of purified drinking water: a choice that is not offered either by bottled water or by the more direct competitors represented by the so-called "water houses" where installed. In fact, these are generally limited to carrying out a simple physical filtration of the water and / or a purely aesthetic treatment such as a filtration on active carbons without intervening really on the chemical-physical composition and therefore on the effective qualitative level of the supplied water.

With the realization of the project herein described which has its starting point in the opening of the first two pilot stores, the proposer therefore aims to contribute to the mitigation of water problems in all areas where will be opened a series of special shops which will form the AQUANet. These stores will have the characteristics listed in Tab.1 to which reference is made for greater knowledge.

It is possible to detect, among other things, that the sale of water treatment equipment and systems is also planned. This activity has been carried out since 2005 by EUROPURE. This sales activity will be carried out directly by the staff at the traditional stores at the self-service shops, it will take place online since these stores will also have PC workstations connected in localhost with the company's virtual store. From these stations, customers will be able to browse the virtual shop and purchase the water treatment equipment and systems and the consumables and maintenance materials for them.

Resuming of Project

The realization of the AQUANet Project therefore, is aimed at creating an innovative network of shops for Water, Ecology and Wellness.

The realization of the AQUANet Project therefore, is aimed at the creation of innovative Stores Networks for Water, Ecology and Wellness. Of these Networks, AQUANet Italia will be the first.
The development of AQUANet Italia, therefore, constitutes the expansion and diversification of the activity currently carried out by EUROPURE. The Network, in fact, by favoring a more rapid and significant presence on the market by the Company, will create the conditions for the consolidation of EUROPURE, favoring a gradual structuring and making It grow, becoming a solid reality able to improve the quality of life of numerous people while creating valid job and earnings opportunities for those involved.


The AquaNet project therefore wants to be a concrete response to the serious and stringent water shortage that has always afflicted various parts of the world. In particular, the area in which the Project was born and developen that is part of the territories storically interested by a water crisis from year to year, increasingly severe.

The portion of Sicilian territory from which this initiative starts in fact corresponds to the province of Agrigento which is the one most heavily hit by a perennial water crisis, so much so that historically it is recognized as the most thirsty province of Italy. In this area the lack of good quality water is total and constant over time. Not infrequently, this is replaced by the total lack of water.


The development of this project proceeds on the basis of a mission widely recognized as extremely useful and beneficial for all populations in their quality of life.

In fact, it will be a matter of giving everyone the opportunity to draw drinking water of very high quality, at extremely competitive prices and in some cases, even FOR FREE, replacing the already widely used and consumed bottled water.

With quality drinking water, the initiative here described also, aims to offer numerous other products both food and not food. Among these, the pure ice in cubes. For it WHO has defined the ice “the food product responsible for the highest number of bacterial contaminations".

The possibility given by EUROPURE to have valuable technologies for water improvement surely will contribute to the formation or strengthening of awareness of the importance of water quality and related products, facilitating savings choices without sacrificing quality levels of full security.

Composition and technical aspects of AquaNet

All AquaNet networks will therefore consist of a series of special shops connected to each other and operating according to the Network criterion. These shops will be of different types (see Table n. 1 from page 3).

Development of Project over the time

The initiative described herein has the immediate purpose of opening the first store of the traditional type ("central store" for the Network to be developed in Italy) and immediately afterwards also the self-service one. These openings, however, are to be understood as a preliminary and preparatory phase to reach the development of the entire network in the regional basis initially, and then also nationwide. International opening will be possible at anytime both as individual point od sale or whole national Networks to develop into specific Countries.

Therefore, although the investment program described here is limited to mainly considering only the construction of the company headquarters and the opening of the first 2 stores, the entrepreneurial aspect relates to the creation and launch of a more complex and articulated reality that is characterized as firm that realize and manages various national Networks dedicated to Water. The first of which will be realized and managed directly by EUROPURE and will be developend within Italy. It takes into account the development over time of the activity that will be started through the proceeds of a Crowdfunding campaign but will proceed in its development, partially reinvesting the proceeds of the activity already started.

Short term goals

In this line, after having opened the first two stores in Licata, it will be possible to continue the development of the Network with the "direct" opening of new self-service shops in the municipalities that fall within 50 km away from Licata.

These municipalities can be distinguished in neighboring municipalities of "first crown (neighboring):

Campobello di Licata


Palma di




and "second crown" municipalities (bordering the first crown):











Of these, 9 are part of province of Agrigento, including the capital, the other 7 are part of province of Caltanissetta, including the capital, for a total of 16 neighboring municipalities.

On the basis of assessments and choices that we do not specify here, the development of the Network, after opening the first traditional store in Licata, will continue with the following openings:

2° year: opening of first self service shop in Licata (pilot-shop)

3° year: opening of self service shop in Agrigento and Canicattì

4° year: opening of self service shop in Palma di, in Ravanusa and in C.llo di Licata

5° year: opeing of self service shop in Favara, in Naro/Camastra and in Gela.

Type of shop

1° year

2° year

3° year

4° year

5° year

Self service




Palma, Ravanusa, C.llo di Licata

Favara, Naro/Camastra, Gela









External facility

** Back-office + Front office * Front office

At 5° year AQUANet apart any further openings in another areas, will have a total of 10 shops within the major interest area. Of such shops:

n. 1 will be of traditional type

n. 9 will be of self service type

Medium term goals

As you can see, not an external facility will be installed yet. This is part of the strategy on which the development of the project is based. In fact, only from the 6th year will the first External Facility be installed in the cities where there will already be Shops but which will express the greatest outstanding demand.

Furthermore, the opening of new direct stores will continue after the 5th year with new shops in Caltagirone, Caltanissetta and, gradually, in the other municipalities of Sicily, again based on the population to be served. After the 6th year, as said, external facilities will be installed where the demand left unanswered by the various Stores will be greater. Furthermore, from the 2nd year it will be possible to open new point of sale by franchising.

The goal will be to open at least one traditional shop in the 20 largest Sicilian municipalities. Open a self-service shop in each of the 92 smaller municipalities and install an external facility in the even smaller 100 municipalities. In total, at least 212 points of sale will be opened in Sicily. They will be both direct and indirect. Of these, 16 self-service shops will be opened directly by EUROPURE in the following municipalities:











Palma di




Campobello di Licata




















Moreover, the 212 point of sale in Sicily, will be so composed:

n. 20 shops will be of traditional type

n. 92 shops will be of Self service type

n. 100 will be external facilities

This medium-term objective will not be achieved before the 10th year of activity. For this reason and as previously estimated, from the 2nd year it is expected to be able to open every year 10% of the Sicilian potential, as Affiliated Shops, or 212 outlets, to be able to open a total of 21 / year.

It should be noted here that in the province of Agrigento, only "direct" stores will be opened, as well as in the out-of-province territories, but adjacent to Licata, such as the municipalities of Gela, Riesi, Butera, Niscemi, etc. When the Franchising project is launched, in Sicily, only outside the province of Agrigento and neighboring territories can be opened stores "affiliated in Franchising". On the rest of the national territory, on the other hand, only affiliated stores is expected to open.

Long term goal

The long-term goal is to extend the Network in Italy opening at least in 1000 of the almost 8000 Italian municipalities. This will complete the AQUANet Italia.

Abroad instead, as said will be possible to establish national Networks opening at anytime individual new point of sale or whole national Networks by local Partners available to invest and if they accept to follow the model of business of the AQUANet Project.

The investment program

The AQUANet project will be carried out thanks to the financial help collected during the Crowdfunding campaign which will be launched in "Reward based" mode. The capital collected from the Crowdfunding campaign will be invested according to the following program and then the business will start to reach the short-term goals. Once the project has started, its development will continue thanks to the reinvestment of part of the revenues obtained.

So, during the 1° year we will proceed as follows:


1- purchasing of land

2- realization of the firm headquarters consisting into realization of a warehouse, a central shop, an office area including security, arrangement of the furniture and anything else necessary to make the Firm's headquarters functional.


3- realization of the central shop in the said room, activation of the facilities, purchasinf and installation of technological plants, accessories and anything else necessary to make the store functional as described herein.

5- request and obtain all the licenses and authorizations necessary for the opening.

6- preparation of an advertising campaign for the opening of central shop.

7- opening of the central store and start of the commercial activity.

The reference market

The Company to which this Project refers, will be based in Licata, in an area recognized by important technical-scientific institutions as vulnerable to drought and desertification. The entire territory is in fact perpetually plagued by a chronic lack of water in every field, given that throughout the territory it is possible to find only brackish water while there is no source of fresh water that can be used neither for agricultural purposes nor for drinking water. It is in this area that the central AQUANet network store will be opened. Licata also represents the center of an area where the lack of "good" water is a historically overt fact and so deeply rooted that it is now part of the cultural heritage of the inhabitants of the entire area that also includes the Municipalities of Canicattì, Palma of, Agrigento, Gela, Favara, Ravanusa, Campobello di Licata, Naro, Camastra, Butera, Niscemi, Riesi as well as the same Licata. On the basis of these considerations, it is possible to identify a main catchment area to which the initiative could be addressed more easily within the allocation area, of about 500,000 inhabitants. It is planned to serve this basin with the opening of "direct" sales points by EUROPURE.

To this should also be added an intermediate catchment area represented by the rest of the Sicilian territory excluding the area just mentioned. It relates to a very diverse reality in the regional context within which it is possible to identify pockets of "almost enough" water such as the easternmost part of the province of Ragusa, the northernmost part of the province of Catania and the province of Messina and portions of the province of Palermo but also vast areas of extreme "water scarcity" such as the western part of the province of Trapani, much of the province of Caltanissetta, the southern part of the province of Ragusa and the central parts of the provinces of Catania and Enna. These are areas in which, generally, the drinking water resource is scarce, or if available in larger quantities, it is of low or very low quality. Suffice it to say that in these territories the term "drinking but not drinkable" referring to mains water has been coined. In this area it is possible to identify a further catchment area of ​​4.5 million inhabitants which in the project forecasts will be covered with Franchising openings. This will be the first installation of the AQUANet Italia Network.

In this line, it is also possible to define an extended catchment area covering the entire national territory where large areas of the south and the center suffer serious "water shortages". The extended basin consists of 56 million inhabitants distributed in almost 8000 municipalities and can gradually be covered by franchise openings.

The propensity to consumption of tapwater (treated or not)

According to the CRA, which periodically conducts a specific market research on behalf of Aqua Italia, the trend in the consumption of tap water shows a clearly positive trend starting from 2008 when the consumers of tap water were 39.9 %, these rose to 46.0% in 2010 to reach 46.9% in 2012 to fall again to 46.0% in 2014 (Source: Aqua Italia Association). The factors that influence such a trend must be identified first of all in the search for greater safety given by the greater number of controls to which the mains water is subjected. Certainly follows an economic motivation because tap water costs a thousand times less than bottled water and this difference in cost is often not justified by a different quality level (Source: Aqua Italia Association).

Respect for the environment is widely accepted by consumers of tap water, who in this way avoid transporting and disposing of plastic bottles which are one of the main sources of microplastic pollution (Source: Aqua Italia Association). A very indicative factor is the customized taste that can be guaranteed only by some treatment systems (Source: Aqua Italia Association).

A further determining factor in the growth of tap water consumption is the greater comfort of the latter compared to the bottled one. This, however, refers mainly to the consumption of tap water treated directly at home with domestic treatment devices. This avoids carrying crates of water, climbing into the house and using the machine (Source: Aqua Italia Association).

Therefore, the consumption of tap water continues to grow despite the quality of the network water is not always the best. For this reason, the aforementioned phenomenon of the "water houses" "fontanelle" or "kiosks" has grown and these installations have more than doubled between 2011 and 2012. This is what is stated by on 19 August 2013.

With regard to the sale of purified drinking water "on bulk" therefore, the market has a strong influence on the part of the so-called "water houses", "fountains" or "kiosks". These installations are present mainly in northern and central Italy while in the southern part they are still not widespread. The market is very fragmented as it sees the presence of numerous companies spread over the territory.

However, the consumption of tap water alone is not enough to represent the trend of the market in the water treatment sector because it is also necessary to keep in mind the market trend of the appliances and plants for the purification of primary waters which in 2009 was of 202 million € with an export of 161 million, to go up to 212 and 177 million in 2010, 202 and 178 million in 2011, 188 with 171 forecast 2012 and 233 million in 2014 with 90 million € of exports. As for the future, even in the current international economic situation, forecasts are for further growth in domestic demand (6.6%) and lower growth in exports (2%) (Source ANIMA).

The reference market, with regard to the sale of purified water "on bulk" presents barriers to entry, primarily financial (cost of vending machines high) and technological (know-how of water treatment not in the public domain).

As far as the phase of the life cycle of the products is concerned, it is necessary to refer first of all to the bottled water market which constitutes the main basin to which reference is made. In this sector, Italy is one of the main consumers of bottled water. Despite the crisis, in fact, this data is still confirmed today: our country remains the first in Europe for per capita consumption of mineral water (while the world record was recently taken from us by Mexico) (Source: Experyentya - Research Association and Marketing Consultancy). Furthermore, in terms of per capita consumption, we went from 198 liters in 2006 to 208 liters in 2015.

In 2014 Beverfood estimated a market of just over 8 billion liters, and a growth that in 2015 reaches 8.67 billion liters for an economic value of 1.64 billion euros in 2014 and 1.79 billion euros in 2015 (source Beverfood on IRI Italy data).

The reasons for this primacy are many, including:

In reality, bottled water can be considered in an advanced stage of maturity but the numerous players try to maintain their vitality by means of packaging differentiation strategies, psychological differentiation or positioning. In general, these are trading up actions with which they try to give greater value to their product by providing it with new and additional features: this is the case of herbs flavored with added vitamins or minerals. Furthermore, the strong commitment to communication investments still seems to have positive effects on the image of the label, because there is a strong brand loyalty on the part of the consumer.

Nonetheless, however, the macro-trend of environmental sustainability that in consumer choices is now pervading a multiplicity of sectors: it is no exception for that of the waters, for which new requests from the most attentive consumers are spreading and by now making their voices heard weight on the general trend of the sector. A new critical awareness of the socio-environmental problems of bottled water consumption is in fact directing more and more consumers towards more sustainable choices.

Just think to:

This has caused that since 2008 consumers of tap water have gone from 39.9% to 46.9% in 2012 and 46% in 2014. (Source: Aqua Italia Association). This gives rise to a series of opportunities for manufacturers of water purification equipment and systems which are placed in this context, as an almost compromise solution (purified water is more sustainable and economic, compared to the bottled water and more reassuring and rewarding than tap water).

On basis of these considerations, we can certainly state that purified and refined network water is experiencing a phase of growth in which the rapid increase in consumption is accompanied by the appearance on the scene of new players capable of satisfying market demand .

The needs to be met

We have seen how the bottled water market is negatively affected by the new requests that guide buyers' consumption choices. In reality this indicates an evolution in the needs expressed by the consumer towards more critical choices, more respectful of the environment and more aware of a greater search for an effective quality, based on concrete facts and no longer accepted by virtue of an uncritical loyalty to a brand.

The consumer today wants to consume water that is certainly pure. It no longer matters that it is water of a particular brand, but wants absolute certainty, that it is safe water and that it is incapable of causing damage to itself, to its family members and to the whole environment.

Clearly this concept is widely developed within the initiative proposed here given that the water produced inside the AquaShops will give the maximum guarantee of quality and safety thanks to the most advanced treatment technologies on which they are based and will also give the maximum guarantee of environmental sustainability because it will generate a substantial reduction in the production of empty plastic bottles and a lower traffic due to a reduction in the transport of bottled water.

Proof of the special attention that will be given to the qualitative aspect within the enterprise described here, is the fact that the initiative has given itself a Quality Manager who, among other things, will constantly take care of a campaign of laboratory checks to regularly monitor the overall quality of the water produced while a series of electronic instruments will test H24 and in real time, all the water that is produced and in the case of "non-standard" quality, it will not be released for sale but will be discarded and thrown away. In the meantime an alarm signal will be given to the Maintenance Manager who will activate to correct the problem as soon as possible. Moreover, the regular performance of analytical checks will make it possible to publish the results by posting the report of the analysis carried out to guarantee the quality of the product sold in each shop.

Without prejudice to the basic qualitative characteristics, the consumer also has the need to choose between different types of water and here another feature of the system installed inside the AquaShops intervenes: the possibility to choose between smooth water at room temperature, smooth water refrigerated and sparkling water. But even more, the customer will be able to refine his choice by personalizing it as much as possible to ensure that only at the AquaShops can he find the water, just as he wishes, only from the AquaShops, he will be able to find his WATER always and only at the AquaNet network. Always the same. This is possible thanks to the exclusive possibility to choose also the mineral content. This is the maximum choice that will create a strong customer loyalty that will not be able to find this option anywhere else.

We have already mentioned the macro-trend relating to environmental sustainability that now pervades every purchase choice. Also in the water sector, this attention to the environment is clearly present, especially as regards the creation of new microplastic pollution due to empty plastic bottles which represent a serious disposal problem.

Therefore, the ever-increasing demand from consumers for eco-compatible purchasing opportunities is reflected in the AquaNet proposal to buy water "on bulk". The customer, in fact, arrives in the shop bringing with him his own containers (possibly in glass) in which to put the water he buys. These containers will then be used again at the next purchase. This purchase method, in addition to having a positive impact on the economic aspect, does not generate the aforementioned pollution by microplastics for the disposal of empty bottles.

But as a further need, perhaps not entirely expressed by the consumer, we can certainly consider the demand, in compliance with the conditions already mentioned, of greater comfort in order to improve one's quality of life. The purchase of drinking water in fact always involves a moment of annoyance if not actual fatigue, especially when it comes to bringing water into the house through stairs, even more so for elderly people or for people no longer in the full possession of one's energies.

In this case the second aspect of the activity described here intervenes, the part dedicated to the sale of water treatment equipment and systems. Thanks to this aspect, the customer, already loyal to the purchase of purified water, will receive messages with which he is offered the most suitable device to be able to produce directly at home, exactly the same water that he is already buying in the store. The customer is practically offered the possibility of having the same quality, but without the effort of having to come to the store. Maximum comfort, combined with maximum quality and convenience.

The sale of water treatment equipment and systems will be accompanied by the sale of spare parts and consumables for them.

The market segments and the type of potential customers

1° year

Since these are localized sales points, initially the commercial proposal will be aimed at Licata's consumers as possible patrons of the traditional store first and then of both stores. Subsequently the market will expand to the inhabitants of the other centers involved.

For treated drinking water, customers must be sought within families. They are therefore consumers of mineral water, both men and women:

From the Aqua Italia research we know that in 2014 46% of the population on average consumed tap water. From this we can calculate that in Licata, on average, we had (46% * 37000) 17020 consumers of tap water in 2014.

Moreover, in 2015 we found that in 2015, 32% of the population declared an income > 15,000 euros. (Source: We have seen, from direct experience that this income corresponds to the limit beyond which more careful consumption choices are recorded to health and to the gratification and quality of personal life and of the whole family.

We therefore believe that upon reaching an annual income of € 15,000, 32% of the 17,000 potential consumers will prefer to buy water for cooking purposes at our store. We will therefore have a potential of 17,000 customers interested in drinking water and 5,400 customers interested in purchasing purified water also for cooking purposes.

Customers potentially interested in buying pure ice in cubes, will practically coincide with those that will buy treated water for both drinking and cooking. That is, they will be men and women who are:

In this way we can quantify the potential customer base in Licata also for this product considering 32% of the 17,000 potential buyers, obtaining in this case 5400 customers.

With regard to the consumption of water for aquariums, considering that in Italy, on average, about 100,000 aquarists can be counted, by simple extrapolation it can be deduced that on the territory in question it is probable that there are about 70 aquarists who buy on average 1 l / week of water technical for aquarium.

For the consumption of softened and demineralized technical water, since we do not possess certain evaluation elements and considering the low incidence that initially will have the value of this sale on the total, we can consider for both types of water, a potentiality of about 5000 each customer who each buy on average 1 lt / year of softened technical water and 1 liter of demineralized technical water.

For water purifiers and other domestic water treatment equipment, customers should be sought within the head of the household. Men and women are always consumers of purified water and / or bottled water, who:

However, since an appliance for improving tap water actually requires an entire family, or on average 4 consumers, based on 32% of customers potentially interested in purchasing a domestic appliance for improving tap water, we will have : 17000 * 32%: 4 = 1360 potential buyers.

2° year

The 2nd year, the type of customer to be satisfied remains the same but increases its quantity as a result of the opening of the new self-service shop which widens the potential customer base, doubling its potential.

3° year

In the 3rd year, the type of customer to be satisfied remains unchanged but the reference market widens even more due to the opening of new stores in other cities, reaching the indicative number of over 200,000 people.

4°- 5° years

Even at the 4th and 5th years, the type of customers of our stores remains unchanged although the number of potential customers still increases as a result of the opening of new stores in new cities, for which the customer base in the 4th year is going up to 250,000 people while at the 5th year it reaches 290,000 inhabitants.

Criteria for quantifying customer types

The quantification of potential customers carried out here starts from the determination of the active population officially resident in the centers affected by the opening of the various sales points (Source:

Of this population, applying the national average obtained from the research of Acqua Italia in 2014, 46.0% already consumes both treated and untreated network water. This gives the customer base that could consume purified water at AQUANet stores, or 27.83 millions of people.

Of this reference base, 32% consider themselves interested in buying water for cooking (8.9 million potential customers) and 25% of these potential customers (2.2 million people) will be the potential buyer of a domestic appliance for the improvement of tap water.

Main direct and / or indirect competitors, their characteristics and strengths / weaknesses

Concerning the presence of competitors it is mandatory to make a clarification that can help to understand why in fact the present initiative we can consider does not have competitors:

The AQUANet proposal is absolutely exclusive and therefore has no competitor, first of all because the treatment technique applied in all our sales points including external systems allows for a multi-stage treatment that gives the highest quality water safety that is sold. This is not a simple slogan to be used for propaganda purposes but rather descends from concrete technical and processist choices which, based on stoichiometrically demonstrable certainties, lead to the production of a water with truly unique chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics that are not comparable with any other similar product , whether it is in packaging or sold in bulk.

The other structures for the sale of treated drinking water in fact are generally limited to "aesthetic" and almost ineffective treatments of the water which are very difficult to make concrete improvements to its intrinsic parameters. Microfiltration treatments, followed by passages on Activated Carbon filters and possible UV sterilization in fact, are certainly not able to guarantee an improvement in the quality of the treated water unless it is already good.

The initiative described here must however consider as its competitors, the players that operate in the same area or who manage to have a presence there even in the case of different quality levels of the service / product sold. However, for the reasons already mentioned, the investigation carried out in this sense is limited to a few operators.

Considering the start-up of the activity in Licata, it is possible to summarize the situation existing therein as follows:

For the sale of drinking water "on bulk"

Direct competitors: Doch Point

In Licata, two “water houses” have recently been installed by the Doch Point company. These are two systems that work with microfiltration and therefore are not able to make a real improvement in water quality as they only carry out a 0.5 micron filtration, an active carbon filtration and UV sterilization.

This is certainly one of the major weaknesses of this competitor since the product offered qualitatively is absolutely not comparable to the one that will be offered by our stores. The price of the filtered water varies according to the type: for the smooth one at room temperature the price is only 3 Euro cents, for the smooth refrigerated one it is 5 Euro cents and for the smooth one it is 7 Euro cents.

Despite the particularly attractive price, precisely because of the type of treatment, certainly not suitable for the type of tap water that feeds these systems, it does not seem that the proposal of the Doch Point after a considerable initial inflow has had a great response. People, in fact, after having tried the water supplied, it is difficult to go back to buying it because of a quality that cannot be guaranteed by a simple filtration treatment.

Indirect competitors: various

they are the players who sell bottled water, so they can be identified with the various supermarkets, the food retailers, the sellers of soft drinks. A summary analysis highlights first of all the two shopping malls present in Licata where it is possible to buy various bottled "branded" waters, there are also 5 hard discounters where "price" waters are available.

Prices range from 10 euro cents per liter for non-branded or promotional smooth waters (such as Ruscella, Guizza, Santa Maria) to 0.7 - 0.8 € / lt for the most popular labels (such as Sangemini, Evian , Levissima, Uliveto).

Some players dedicated specifically to the beverage trade, sell water from the warehouse and often make home delivery. In this case they apply a mark-up of at least € 0.5 per case.

The AQUANet proposal: caratteristics, strengths and weaknesses

We have seen that the AquaNet proposal of which this document is the description consists of a special activity that involves the production and sale of treated water "on tap", production and sale of pure ice in cubes, domestic appliances for water improvement and othe products water related.


The features that distinguish the AquaNet proposal can be summarized as follows:


Many of the aforesaid characteristics automatically translate into strengths of the initiative:

° The variety of the commercial offer constitutes a strong point of the initiative that differentiates it considerably from all the eventual competitors managing the so-called "water houses".

° Low-cost sales techniques such as "self-service" or online store, reducing personnel costs, become a strength for the initiative that can count on more resources for its development.

° The possibility of producing and selling drinking water in 10 different types represents an exclusive advantage that inevitably translates into a strength in favor of the initiative in question.

° An innovative payment system through AQUACard is a significant strength as it greatly strengthens customer loyalty and creates the conditions to enrich the commercial offer with additional contents of the same Card.

° The strong characterization of the stores as a "water shop" will ensure that the entire network is easily recognized by the customer as the "Water network" and thanks to the idea-message "of the drinking water of the day" it is easily credited with remarkable reliability and quality.

To these it would be possible to add further strengths that give greater weight to the positive value of the initiative here described:

° The possibility of responding to well-manifested needs such as savings, health, environmental respect, constitutes a strength that favors the acquisition of important market shares from the initiative described here.

° The competitiveness of the sales prices of all the products treated will give rise to a faster and greater development of the initiative described here.

° A strong presence on the territory will give greater credibility to the entire AquaNet proposal.

° The possibility of "starting" from an area where water problems have always been part of the history and cultural heritage of the populations will undoubtedly be a great advantage and a considerable strength for this initiative.

° The application of the most advanced technologies allows the initiative to produce and sell products of exceptional quality at truly unbeatable prices.

° The perfect scalability of the project makes it possible to "start" anywhere with a modest investment and move to the opening of new sales points by reinvesting part of the revenues.

° The high profitability ratio of multiple branches of the business makes it possible to apply a high markup while maintaining the final prices obtained extremely competitive.


As regards, in particular, the sale of domestic appliances for the improvement of tap water, without making use of commercial intermediaries of any nature, AquaNet will be able to apply prices that are far lower than those charged by any operator who appeals to these intermediaries. . This can be a strong point in favor of the initiative.

The commercial promoters in direct sale of water purifiers in fact, derive their motivation essentially from the very high commission they collect for every sale made. In fact, these figures range from 700-800 euros per sale. Clearly, this cost is always charged on the selling price of the appliance, which is why these appliances reach the customer at really prohibitive prices and often even exceeding 2500 Euros.

Notwithstanding the qualitative level that sees the products of our stores in great advantage over all the others, the selling price of these products will generally be half or a third of the average price of the competitors.

The same applies to all other players who sporadically or systematically manage to make some sales in the area. In fact, it is always a question of commercial intermediaries who, with the most diverse techniques, are able to acquire contacts and get appointments with potential customers. Carrying out the visit with the relevant demonstration, they also end up concluding sales, although they are almost always customers who sooner or later regret having made that purchase. You want for the recklessly high price, either for the low quality of the product they buy, or for the maintenance that generally leaves you always wanting. In fact, almost all customers who buy equipment from operators of this type, in time, say they are totally dissatisfied precisely with the poor quality of after-sales assistance. The resulting negative publicity is the reason why these organizations in the area manage to make only a few sales with the "hit and run" technique.

Only a constant and consolidated presence in the territory can restore customers' confidence by encouraging them to regularly purchase domestic appliances for the improvement of network water, of which there is a great need. Being rooted in the territory and having established its own headquarters in the area to be served will undoubtedly be the main strength of the initiative described here.

Loyalty through the sale of purified water will be an infallible tool to be able to overcome the mistrust and build a positive and lasting relationship with the customer. Only after assessing the actual quality of the purified water, in fact, and having seen the presence of the company permanently present in Licata, will customers be offered to purchase a domestic appliance for the improvement of network water. Only in that case the customer will not be able to distrust and will not fear the usual "hoaxes" distributed by those who so far, arrive in the area, make some sales and disappear to return only when they have some other contact to exploit.




Typologies of clients

Drinking water on bulk

Purified drinkable water in 10 different typologies to buy on bulk directly from the machines also in self service modalities within the various AQUANet shops

Inhabitants in Licata. In the 18/64 age group; Attentive to own health and that of own family; Sensitive to the economic issue and therefore looking for ways to save on family expenses; Sensitive to the environmental issue

Water for cooking on bulk

Drinkable purified flat water at room temperature. Only 1 typology to buy on bulk from the dispensers within the various AQUANet Shops or by externali facilities, when they will be installed.

Inhabitants in Licata. In the 18/64 age group; Attentive to own health and that of own family; Sensitive to the economic issue and therefore looking for ways to save on family expenses; Sensitive to the environmental issue. Average and / or medium-high income

Alkalina drinking water on bulk

Drinkable purified water enriched with natural and alkalized ions of the highest health value. To buy from the special dispensers inside the AQUANet Shops

Inhabitants in Licata. In the 18/64 age group; Attentive to own health and that of family; Sensitive to the environmental issue. Average and / or medium-high income

Softened water on bul

Pure water at very low level of hardness.To buy from dispenser into various AQUANet Shops

Inhabitants in Licata. Mothers and fathers of families. Sensitive to the economic issue and therefore looking for ways to save on family expenses; Sensitive to the environmental issue.

Demineralized water on bulk

Pure water with very low residual conductivity. To buy from the dispensers into various AQUANet Shops.

Inhabitants in Licata. Analysis, photography, chrome plating laboratories and any other activity that uses distilled water. Sensitive to the economic issue and therefore looking for ways to save on expenses; Sensitive to the environmental issue.

Pure water for aquariology on bulk

Purified water, with no residual chlorine and cotrolled composition,

Suitable for aquariology to buy from proper dispensers into the various ACQUANet Shops.

Inhabitants in Licata. Aquarists. Sensitive to the economic issue and therefore looking for ways to save; Sensitive to the environmental issue.

Pure ice in cubes

Pure food ice of high quality produce by purified drinkable light water. To buy from proper dispensers into the various AQUANet Shops.

Inhabitants of Licata. In the 18/64 age group; Attentive to their own health and to that of their family members, with medium and / or medium-high income

Home devices for water improvement.

Home devices capable to produce at home, drinkable water of a quality similar to that sold into various AQUANet Shops. They can be purchased directly in the central AQUAShop or online via Pcs installed in the various self service AQUANet Shops.

Inhabitants in Licata or in nearby towns. In the 18/64 age group; Attentive to their own health and that of their family; Sensitive to the economic issue and therefore looking for ways to save on family expenses; Sensitive to the environmental issue. Looking for a better quality of life and greater comfort. Average and / or medium-high income

Consumables and spare parts for the maintenance of domestic water improvement devices

Filter cartridges, UV lamps, membranes and other spare parts to perform the maintenance of any type of domestic water improvement device. They can be purchased directly in the central AQUAShop or online via Pcs installed in the various self service AQUANet Shops.

Inhabitants in Licata or in nearby towns. Owners of any domestic water improvement appliance. Sensitive to the economic question
and in search of technical interlocutors of level able to give quality and greater safety in the use of the various domestic appliances for water. Technicians performing maintenance of domestic water treatment equipment.

Promotional strategies

For the launch of the various AQUANet Shops that will be opened, a specific common promotional strategy will be used, which will constitute the market entry strategy for all points of sale.

This promotional strategy will also include the posting of some large format posters (4 x 3 mt) in already well identified strategic points. The main message that we want to get through is that of “DRINKABLE WATER OF THE DAY" as a synonym of extreme and exclusive freshness and quality.

Once each shop is consolidated, then the water treatment devices and equipment will be promoted periodically, leveraging the idea-message of “Drinkable water of the day” directly to your home.

Product sales price

The sale price of the main products sold by our Shops will be as indicated in the table below.


Unitof misure

Unit sale price (€)

Average unit price of competitors



Smooth drinkable water at r. t.



0,03 minimal

Smooth drinkable water chilled



0,08 minimal


Sparkling drinking water



0,07 minimal


Aquariology pure water





Softened technical water





Demineralized water





Pure ice in cubes





RO home sistem 120 lt/h





RO home sistem 110 lt/h





RO home sistem 90 lt/h





RO home sistem 65 lt/h





Dispenser gas+ chiller 25 l/h





Dispenser gas + chiller 60 l/h





Maintenance RO home sistems





Maintenance Dispensers




Criteria for determining sales prices

The sales prices were determined using different criteria.

In detail, the price of smooth drinking water was determined based on the coverage of the cost of production, trying to maintain a good level of competitiveness with the selling price of bottled water without losing sight of a level of profitability such as to allow the survival of the company.

The same is true for sparkling water for which the sale price, in light of the above, added the higher cost due to the carbonation treatment.

The price of food ice has been determined by seeking the right balance between competitiveness with the few competition experiences encountered in the area and minimum profitability capable of covering production costs and general costs.

For water for technical and for technical-scientific usages, a price has been determined that takes into account the particular care that must be given to such production, in particular that distilled for technical-scientific use, always bearing in mind the average price per which this product is sold by the competition.

Finally, for the determination of the prices of the various water purification appliances and any monthly rental fees, consideration was given to the cost of the same, recharged by 100%, ensuring that the resulting price remained highly competitive with respect to the prices of the main competitors while maintaining an acceptable remuneration for the company.

Sales channels and sales organization

In the development of the AQUANet Project, various sales methods are expected to be adopted and exactly:

1) traditional shop sales
2) self-service sales
3) online sales from a virtual store
4) sale of "Drinking water of the day" at no cost

Traditional shop sales

The first traditional type of shop to open in Licata presupposes the presence of personnel and therefore a considerably higher management cost than the self-service shop. For this reason, after the first traditional store to open in Licata, in the medium term new self-service direct stores will be opened. This is why we plan to open only one store of this type. The openings from the 2nd year onwards will in fact only concern self-service shops from Licata to Canicattì, Agrigento and all other cities. However, the traditional store has features that make it necessary to complete the AQUANet in the area. In fact, inside the traditional sales point, the customer finds the recyclable empty bottles, the baskets for the same, the 4 liter cans and other products and services that he does not find in self-service shops. For this reason, it will be inevitable to disseminate such shops on the territory, referring to the Business Model referred to by the development of the Project.

Self-service sales

This sales method, which will take place simultaneously with production, requires the use of an electronic system for automatic payment or a cash payment through an electronic coin validator. The self-service sale will be carried out mainly in the self-service shops and in the external facilities that will open in the various residential areas. It will therefore concern different products both in the case of self-service shops and external facilities. The product is dispensed with an automatic procedure since the customer, entering his credit title in the reader or the coins in the coin validator, starts production and therefore the delivery of the desired product automatically and in a few seconds.

Sale from virtual store

The virtual store will be accessible from all the Pcs installed in the various self service AQUANet Shop. Customers, to use these stations, will have to insert their own AQUACard (even without credit) in the appropriate reader. This will allow you to activate the PC workstation from which the customer will be able to browse the virtual shop at no cost and make their purchases for which payments will be sufficient to follow the automatic procedures indicated on the same site.

Sale of "Drinking water of the day" at no cost

The AQUANet was seen to consist of several Points of Sale. We have also seen that one of the payment methods accepted in all the AQUANet Shops will be a rechargeable chip card (AQUACard). The reference strategy for the development of the Network, which we omit here for reasons of industrial confidentiality, requires that some AQUANet Shops can be enabled to sell "Drinking Water of the Day" AT ZERO COST, that is, FREE. Obviously this without additional costs for the shop.

Competitive advantages

The first competitive advantage over indirect competitors (bottled waters) is certainly the price. The production cost of purified water sold in our plants amount to a few Euros per cubic meter (= 1000 lt), so it is possible to make purified water sales prices, which bottled water vendors can hardly manage to practice for long time.

The second competitive advantage over bottled water is certainly represented by the eco-compatibility of water consumption "on bulk". Instead of using plastic bottles to be discharged and disposed of in the environment, the water sold "on bulk" is purchased in containers that the customer brings with him and that, when empty, they will not be discharged into the environment but instead will be used again for further purchases.

Another competitive advantage will manifest itself as a differentiation with respect to bottled water since only AQUANet will be able to supply water from the personalized mineral content.

So far it is a question of competitive advantages intrinsic to the AQUANet business mode compared with indirect competitors represented by bottled water sellers. Preserving and maintaining these competitive advantages will be fairly easy as the defense of this is part of the nature of AQUANet businesses.

It is different instead, the competition with direct competitors who have installed dispensers for the sale of purified water. On these initiatives AQUANet first of all has the great competitive advantage of a product quality unattainable by direct competitors against which AQUANet will also have the competitive advantage of a structuring and a certainly better and more incisive presence on the territory than the simple presence of a 'water house".

The presence of our multi-product stores certainly represents an obstacle that competitors could hardly overcome. Even the possession of the technology to produce purified water with a customizable level of minerals represents a competitive advantage of AQUANet. Building a machine capable of producing and selling water with these characteristics would not be very simple, so the advantage of diversification can easily be maintained even with regard to any direct competitors that may be present in the area in the future.

Finally, in the sale of water purifiers, the same sales method is a valid competitive advantage that it is not easy to overcome for competitors. The customer who has tried and purchased “Drinking water of the day” for a certain period will almost automatically switch to buying a domestic appliance that will allow him to produce at home the same "Drinking water of the day" purchased in the store. And the continuity in this sense is largely guaranteed by the fact that the customer comes to purchase the appliance to improve the network water, in the same sales point where he used to buy water. What better guarantee than this!

Sales objectives

1° year

The average per capita consumption of bottled water in Italy in 2015 was 208 liters (Source: Mineracqua from Annuario Bevitalia estimates on associative, company and research institutes data) equal to an average consumption of about 0, 5 lt / day. Given the number of potential customers determined in the previous chapters, the first store to be opened in Licata could sell over 3 million cubic meters / year, equal to 8.5 cubic meters / day of purified water for drinking. The diversification of these consumptions was the following:

Reasons of of industrial confidentiality suggested us to omit here the detailed market research.

Criteria and characteristics of the Crowdfunding campaign

To realize and start the activity here described, as said, wil be invested the sums collected through a proper Crowdfunding campaign that will start the whole project.

The Company promoting this Project is based in Licata. For this reason, for its realization initially it will start right from that area. Therefore, as already mentioned, the Crowdfunding campaign will also start, inviting you to book a Voucher, mainly people residing in this area of greatest interest. In this way it is expected to find, within the first quarterly round, on average between 250 and 750 people among the 37,000 inhabitants of Licata, who will purchase a voucher with an average value of € 200. Considering the projections deriving from the aforementioned market research, always during the first year, the campaign will be able to continue with the subsequent quarterly rounds, always planning to receive an average of 750 orders of Vouchers of the average amount of € 200. In total therefore it is expected to reach an average of 3000 people out of the 290,000 in the area of greatest interest to buy Vouchers for the average amount of € 201.68.

Based on what has been said, it is planned to carry out a campaign in Crowfunding Reward based divided into 4 rounds of one quarter each. This campaign will be carried out on EUROPURE's web site: and it will be composed by n. 4 quarterly rounds. So, te whole crowdfunding campaign will have a total duration of 12 moinths.

For this reason, each quarterly round will have as final goal from 50.000 to 150.000 € where the minimal amount will represent also the minimal amount for proceed in the realization of project alhough with different modalities.

With this objective in mind for each quarterly round, the overall final objective of the entire campaign will be worth € 200,000 to € 600,000.

It is planned that only upon reaching the final overall objective (€ 600.0000), the Project will be carried out according to the program here described. Therefore, failure to achieve such objective will not allow the realization of the Project, but the achievement of the minimum overall objective (€ 200,000), still will be possible to realize the Project, although with different methods and times depending on the amount made available by the collection .

The campaign we said will be Reward based. Therefore, to support the Project, it is sufficient that you decide to order (to book) a Purchase Voucher of the amounts you want, by email at:

you will receive your voucher within a few of days and when you will receive it, within 24 hours you will have to validate it making the payment. WITHIN 24 HOURS

Technical aspects used to carry out the production process

The initiative here proposed, for its activity, requires a corporate headquarters consisting of an office and guard area, a warehouse and the central store. Such store will be the first to be opened in AQUANet and will be a special type of store because during normal opening hours it will function as a traditional store while it will easily turn into a self-service store during closing. For this reason it is planned to build this first store so that it can be easily monitored H24. This is why it will be built in the context of the building that will host the company headquarters.

The place that will host the second store that will always be open in Licata (self service) instead, will be rented. The promoters have already identified the area where they would preferably open this store and have already initiated contacts with the owner of a room that could meet the needs of the Project.

Within both the central store and the self-service shop, the machinery and furnishings necessary for the production activity and the related sale will be installed. For the central store it will not be necessary to purchase shop furnishings since they are already existing and available for use for that purpose.

The various products that will be sold directly in the stores of the Network, will have one element in common: the network water declared drinkable and supplied by the managers of the local water services.

Factors of production with particular attention to possible supply problems

The realization of each store cannot disregard the activation (if not already present) of a connection to the water mains, a connection to the public sewer and an electric user with 10 or 3 kW of power respectively in three-phase or single-phase.

The activity, once started, will produce purified water from the network water. An essential raw material, it will therefore be the water that the company will draw from the water supply and store in 2 special tanks of 3000 liters each, where it is possible. If, due to the inevitable bureaucratic obstackles and complications often created on purpose to prevent the creation of new initiatives, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to activate the connection to the water supply, it will be possible to recharge the 2 tanks of 3000 lt each with aqueduct water through tank trucks authorized for the transport of drinking water. In this sense, the local companies authorized to perform this service will be used.

Finally the maintenance of the water purifying appliances that will be sold in Licata and neighboring countries, this will be guaranteed by local firm, but if for any reason this should not be possible, the promoters have already prepared alternative contacts. For devices and installations further away, companies already operating on site will be called upon.

Requirements of know-how and specific external professionalism

To properly carry out this activity it is necessary that the promoter (the owner of EUROPURE) is in possession of a specific know-how in the water treatment sector. In fact, the owner of EUROPURE has already been active in the water treatment sector since 2005 apart from the previous certainly qualifying experiences. From the administrative point of view, from a technical point of view, in fact, it takes advantage of the support of its own son Ingiaimo Emanuele (student of Engineering at the University of Palermo) as well as the technical advice of his husband who is an Expert in the treatment and in the management of Water Resources with over 35 years of experience which, in fact, for almot 20 years he was also Head of the Municipal Water Office of his city.

Beyond this we have also identified the need for the technical contribution of a company of plumbers and electricians to whom to entrust the maintenance of the sold equipment. This service will be acquired from time to time upon request and will be initially paid, for intervention. For this type of support the promoter expects to continue to use the work of local companies peopwerly enabled.

Inoltre è prevista l'attivazione di una collaborazione tecnico-professionale con un Ingegnere che svolgerà il ruolo di Resp. Tecnico dell’attività ed in questo senso la promotrice ha già identificato in un Professionista adatto.

L’attività oltre ciò, richiederà anche un efficiente Servizio di Controllo Qualità. Per tale ragione verrà attivata anche una collaborazione con un Biologo abilitato in grado di svolgere questo servizio per contro dell’azienda. Anche in questo caso la promotrice ha già avviato contatti con il Professionista idoneo.

Ed ancora, l'intrapresa avrà un proprio Ufficio Legale e della Comunicazione che sarà curato dalla figlia della titolare, la D.ssa Liliana Ingiaimo in possesso di titoli e conoscenze per poter svolgere tale mansione.

Authorizations for carrying out the activity


Reference entity


Date of release

VAT number

VAT Office

There is

INPS registration


There is

Administrative authorization health and hygiene suitability

Municipality of Licata

1 month

Chamber of Commerce


There is



1 month

Offices, headquarters and reasons behind the choice

EUROPURE, despite its many years of activity, has always operated as a "liquid firm". It therefore does not have any structure at its disposal as headquarters or offices, but makes use of temporary arrangements that certainly do not facilitate the carrying out its activity.

In order to realize this Project and make sure that EUROPURE consolidates and develops its activity, it is necessary to provide it with an operational as well as an administrative office where it is possible to carry out the various company functions, an area for the H24 security guard and a commercial room in which to build the central store described so far.

Finding such facilities on the market would still require complicated and costly changes due to the particular needs they should meet. It has therefore been preferred to provide for the construction of these structures starting directly from the ground and thus succeeding in definitively disposing of premises suitable for the activity to be carried out.

Furthermore, during the development of the activity, the promoter has also identified the commercial premises to be rented in which to build the second shop (self service) to open in Licata.

From an infrastructural point of view, the premises to be used for shops must be equipped with a connection to the water supply, to the sewage system and to the electricity network. The electrical power used must be 10 Kw in three-phase or 3 Kw in mono-phase.

The choice of the location of these shops, first of all, must take into account the easy accessibility of the site. This is to favor customers who, once the purchase is made, will then have to carry the weight of the water up to the means of transport. In this sense, the availability of a special parking area will be crucial


State of progress of the realization of the Project and report on the use of the funds collected

Once the Campaign has reached the final overall goal, the Project will be implemented immediately.

The first fulfillment that we will do in this regard, however, will be a FINAL THANKSGIVING PARTY to which all AQUANet Ambassadors will be invited to participate.

During this event some Certificates will be given to the same Ambassadors present.

During the implementation of the Project, updates will be constantly published on the progress of the work on the official page of the "AQUANet Project" of Facebook. Moreover, on the specific page of the website, news will be published on the uses of the funds collected.

Any information relating to the progress of the project and the use of the funds collected will be accessible to everyone at any time.

Criteria for defining production costs

Production costs were determined according to the following criteria:

Purchase of raw materials, ancillary materials, consumables and goods

In this entry they have been merged:

the costs for the purchase of the water to be treated:

the electrical consumption

the cost to buy devices and equipment sold

the cost of consumables and spares for the self service dispensers and for plants of production of techncal water


This item also includes the cost of plumbers for the maintenance of domestic appliances sold

the cost of the external accountant for keeping the accounts and the cost of the external labor consultant

the cost of an Engineer as Technical Director of the Firm

the cost of a Biologist as Quality Manager.

Use of third-party assets

This item includes the cost of renting the premises of the stores that will be opened after the central store that will be located in the Company's headquarters.


The cost of personnel does not take into account the work of the promoters who will work with the company in the roles most suited to their professionalism. They will be paid with commission-based treatment commensurate with the results achieved.

Amortization, depreciation and write-downs

This item includes the amortization stated in the various attached tables relating to the various plants and machinery used in the activity

Economical, previsional sheets, available

The economical sheets are available for the first year containing the details of the Crowdfunding campaign divided into quarterly rounds, and the profit and loss accounts for the first 5 complete years.

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